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Monday, May 21, 2012

Holy Cow Cake

Hi everyone!! As promised, this is the picture of the complete cake from this post. I'm hoping to have the professional picture emailed to me soon by the photographer at the baptism so I can show you :).
As you can tell the theme was "Cow" and I decided that instead of making a 3 tier cake with a cow print, to make the top one a little different. Like a cow in a medow.

Everything is edible on the cake exept the cow. I thought it would be nice for the mum of the baby to keep the cow as a souvenir from the baptism, plus it was too cute of a cow to bypass!
The inside of the cake is a round version of my hedgehog bars, what many also call "fridge bars" or what we call here in Cyprus "doukissa."

If you can sneak a peak in the back of the cake you can also see the book I used as inspiration for the giant daisy where the cow is sitting "The Art of Cupcakes."

I also baked some Vanilla [medow] and some Chocolate [cow] Cupcakes to match the Cake:

I received good reviews for the Cake. It was a great I would deffinately like to go through again.

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