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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Test Kitchen: Healthy Cookies

Goodmorning Everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing good. I'm doing great. Why? Because I love it when people give me a baking task and I complete it successfully! One of the girls at work likes to eat healthy. Or I should say healthier than most. She also goes to the gym, so she doesn't want to eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie and have all her work go to waste. So she asked me if I can bake her some low calorie-healthy cookies, because healthy doesn't mean no treats! I went through my books and did some research and then picked out a few recipes, and finally, I baked 2. One close to what the recipe said, and the other I kind of changed some things...many things.

The one I followed closer, came out like this:

These bad boys are only about 50-55 calories. So I named them "Low-Calorie Lemon Cookies." They have 1/2 quantity flour and 1/2 yellow cornmeal (the healthy ingredient, with many benefitial nutrients, which I read all about on this web site.

The other option, were, of course, Oatmeal Cookies. So I took one of my Oatmeal Cookie recipes and played around. This is what I came up with:

I was super excited to tell everyone about this version of my cookies, because they hold many healthy ingredients. Such as:
Whole Wheat flour instead of All-Purpose
Brown Sugar instead of Granulated Sugar
A bit of Honey
Oatmeal: helps lower cholesterol
Cranberries: lower the chance of getting urinary infections, and many other benefits especially in women
Dark Chocolate Chips: helps keep a healthy heart (as good as green tea and blueberries, because it comes from cocoa beans. I read all about it here if you are interested).

I took some of each cookie to my customer and I left them there for her to try. The other girls at the shop tried some, too and also, our neighbor.
Now I am about to bake another dozen of these, reaching the 14th dozen of cookies I baked in the last 7 days. I guess both these cookies should be added to my menu as "The Healthy Choice."

What do you think??

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