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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

As a fan of baking, I collect cooking magazines...Actually, I can't stay away from them! I try not to go to the bookstore, because I want ALL of them, and then I end up spending tons of money, on something I'm probably never going to use! Why not use? Well because I have soooo many magazines and cookbooks, that if I were to cook 1 new thing every day, I'd probably turn 70 and still be cooking from what material I have at home. Therefore I decided to try something new from the magazines I already have for a while, until I get bored of the same ol' pictures, and then I can treat myself with a new magazine!

So this past week, I baked something out of GoodFood: Peach, Pistachio and White Chocolate Pound Cake. I saw the picture, forgot it's not really PEACH season just yet, and read the reviews. I am a sucker for bad reviews. I always want to "fix" the recipe. Or pretend that I did. If I ran across a not-so-good-recipe, I always try it twice! Just to make sure that it wasn't me, it was the recipe.

This is how the story went:
I looked for peaches. EVERYWHERE! There aren't any at the moment, duh! So I broke my most basic rule: The first time you make the recipe, follow it EXACTLY! There goes that. I went for nectarines. See, once I had picked out the recipe, I couldn't let it go for a later month. Nope! I had to bake it NOW! So I found some really expensive nectarines that were imported from Africa and started out my recipe.
The reviews on the website keep repeating that this was a very VERY dense cake. I thought to myself...maybe they didn't beat the butter until it was really fluffy? Or maybe they measured wrong? So I made sure I beat my butter until really pale and fluffy, I made sure I measured everything precisely.

I baked to the last second according to the instructions of the recipe. And voia-la!! A good looking cake! I let it cool, and while it was cooling, I beat the frosting. Yogurt with white chocolate and pistachios sounds just like heaven slathered on a cake!
Meanwhile, my husband was smelling all the good smells and whining "Must I really wait until it COMPLETELY cools to eat?" So I gave in...I told him we could have some.
As soon as it was safe for the frosting to go on top of the cake, I spread it and sprinkled with the pistachios.

Looking goooooood!!! Aham. It also tasted great and not dense at all! I was happy with the results...only...the next evening I tried to eat a slice? Well, that's when it was dense. Like, SUPER dense! My husband ate the rest of the cake within the week, but I found it too dense. The reviewers were right, but I still had to give it a try!

I also must mention that I don't see the point of the grated white chocolate INSIDE the batter. It was completely lost by everything else.

But what I will tell you is that the icing of the cake tasted great. What I will do is use that as a dipping sauce for fresh fruit. I think that is the best use I could get out of this cake!

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