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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

I hope everyone had a good time whatever it is they did for the turn of the year. I stayed home with my family...fell asleep at 11:15pm...woke up at 11:55pm, turned the year with my fiance, and then OPENED PRESENTS!!! It is Greek tradition that presents are opened on New Year's Day instead of Christmas Day like the end of the world. See it's Saint Vasilios Day and he is Santa Claus (instead of Saint Nick). And instead od cookies and milk, we leave out some wine for him and a St. Vasilios Pie that we make. He is supposed to have a slice and then bless the rest for us. We also leave our wallets by the fireplace where the pie and wine are so he can bless them to be full all year long.
The fun part about the pie is that there's always a coin hidden in there, and the one who finds it is supposed to be lucky for the whole year to come. You keep it in your wallet (it's covered in you know which one it is and not spend it) and it keeps your wallet full. My mum made the pie.. it tasted mmmhmmm good! Last year I found the lucky coin..this year, my mum did.

But enough with tradition! What did you do for the turn of the year? Well, last week we did open presents (just not from Santa) and I got a porcelain 3-tier cupcake platter from my fiance, and a Waffle maker from my mum. Santa brought me a cookbook for waffles! I was supposed to make waffles for breakfast this morning but Santa also brought me a PlayStation game and (yes yes.. I am a geek also!) I played that instead!!! Ever since I started baking full time, I haven't been playing any games (I'm all grown up and such) and it was fun playing for a bit.

I also wrote down some goals for myself.. see I'm trying to actually open this bakery thing I want to do.. meanwhile, I have to attend a wedding this year, too. MY WEDDING! So I thought I'd share some of my goals with you.

#1. Plan my wedding.
Even though I have many things done already, I want to plan as much as I can way before the end so I can be stress free the last month. My wedding is in November. I wanted a cool wedding. I'm a sucker for Fall.

#2. Open a Bakery.
Or at least, take all the steps to getting closer to my dream. Finances are the one thing keeping me away, but hopefully I can get that down before the end of the year. I have a whole 365 days to go!

#3. Organize!!!
Those that know me, know I'm an organizing FREAK and a perfectionist to what I do. Thing is, I organize EVERYTHING but my house. Why? I'm too tired once I walk through the door to organize the house, too. So my goal is to keep everything organized so I can have a clutter free life! Plus, I'm an organizing FREAK I said.. it will be fun to do this!! I made a binder and everything! Can't wait!

#4. Keep up with my friends.
I know this might seem stupid to some, but ever since I took the position of being the Store Manager at the clothing store I work at, I haven't been keeping up with my friends. I decline outings (I always seem to be so tired...!), I forget name days, and I forget birthdays. Not acceptable! The old me would NEVER EVER forget birthdays. I like making cards, and I like buying presents. I LOVE the expression on my friends' faces when they open a card with sentiments and a successful present. See, I pay attention to what my friends like and I usually buy nice presents, meaningful ones!

#5. Be healthy.
Since I have the wedding and all, I need to lose like 25 pounds (I'm not THAT fat, but I do have my love handles). I gained it all this past year after my 2 surgeries. So I know I can lose it all. I also want to make sure I eat more healthy. Ever since I decided I will be on a healhier eating schedule, I thought it was OK for me to eat as much junk as I can so I don't miss out on anything. If you went on a diet before, then you know the feeling. So now I feel overly disgusted with junk food and cheap sweets. I'm going to eat healthier and do those exercises I have on my PlayStation (see, it comes in handy!)

Tell me what your goals are for the year. Any resolutions on your mind?

And before I leave you, here is a picture of my Chocolate Almond Crisps. I think I did a pretty good job with this shot!!


  1. We have a lot of the same goals for the year.

    I too want to open a bakery!

    I'm an organizational freak and I totally want to eat more healthy...although that probably won't happen.

    Your dessert looks yummy.

  2. If I lived out in New Orleanes, we'd open one together ;)