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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Star Cookies

I haven't forgotten about you! As soon as Christmas was over, my body realized that I'm not Superman by any chance, and gave out on me. I was sleeping for 3 whole days with a heavy version of the flu! I went to work today and I went to work yesterday afternoon.. oh it is terrible!! You know how it goes...runny nose, coughing...sneezing very loudly (I can't help it while I'm sick!). Yesterday I had to run away from the customer I was helping to grab a tissue! It was sooo embarassing!!!

So as you can tell from all my adventures, I wasn't able to be in the kitchen! I baked a Pecan Tart on Christmas morning, and that was it! I haven't done ANYTHING in the kitchen since.. not even washed a plate or cup or nothing!

Before all that though, I had the time to bake my Butter Cookies. I usually bake them into hearts or flowers or whatnot..this time they were stars, for Christmas. I filled half of them with Nutella and the rest with Raspberry Jam. They were completely sold out by the next day!

I promise you that these are SUPER yummy! I only had one. The rest I knew had to be sold so I kept away from them.

And this is a picture of the Christmas Cake I baked for my friend. The Gingerbread People on top are the ones I had made for my Gingerbread House that never finished. The little Teddy and Merry Christmas sign are from my favorite baking supplies shop, Sprinkles & Sparkles. The ornaments at the bottom are the Gingerbread Baubles I baked and decorated.  The inside of the cake was red and green layers, just like the cake here.

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