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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread House

I've been talking about this Gingerbread House in all my past Christmas broke! Right before the finish line, the cleaning lady stumbled on the table it was sitting and floup! It fell and broke... You have no idea how devastated I was. I was going to finish it that evening and send pictures of it to my friend Jody. If you don't know who Jody is, you can read all about her at my post Gingerbread People.

Thankfully, I took a picture with it that I posted on Facebook. See, my friend Michelle sent me a customized chef's jacket and apron that says "Fairy Cakes Joy" on it :) So I took a picture wearing the jacket to send to her. Thank you thank you thank you my Michelly!!! She also sent me a picture which has smaller pictures of her on it wearing my jacket and making one of her recipes. The back of the picture has her recipe written down. She's soooo thoughtful. I feel blessed to have a friend like her!

See, I had made a Snowman Cookie and 2 Gingerbread people, a boy and a girl, that I was going to put in the garden of the house. I bought sweets and candy to make a red and green picket fence, too! I was going to finish up with more decorations and such, but oh well. It tasted good, so I don't regret eating it after the accident :)

But I'll show you some pictures to see the process.

This is the front and back of the house. One side had a broken tip [on the left].

This is the roof of the house. I wasn't done with the chimney. I was going to put snow on it.

This is the side view of the house. Under the windows I was going to make a green bush with red flowers on it. Next to it is the snowman. I was going to give him a black hat :) And on the top are the boy and girl I was going to put in front of the house. They went to a different post..coming later.

All glued and waiting for the roof.

And this is the support I had for the roof while it dried.

Next year I promise to make a Gingerbread House till the end. It was the first time I made it from scratch, so I was in the learning process. I really enjoyed myself. I took the time to make it and decorate it with so much joy. I wish I had a picture of it on its own, at least to the point I had reached but oh well, next time :) Maybe I'll make a pink one for Valentine's Day or something.

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