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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Special Brownie Order

I know it's been a few days, but I promise, I was super busy! Before I post anything about Christmas, I have to tell you about this brownie order I did. It was for my friend's husband who's in the military and wanted to give treats for his name day. He doesn't like sweet stuff that much, but when he came to my tasting event, he tried my Swirly Cheese Brownies and LOVED THEM! He immidiately ordered brownies for his name day [3 months in advance]. One little detail: He wanted me to add Hazelnuts!

Ok no problem. I don't like to disappoint my customers. Only thing was that it was a bit difficult to get a nice swirl with the nuts in between the knife. But this is how it went:

I smashed the hazelnuts with a mallet. They were completely raw. Not toasted whatsoever. I put them in a little baggie little by little and smashed them. It was fun!

Then I did the cream cheese mixture. This wasn't as much fun as the smashing, but it was till fun :)

After I was done with the brownie mixture, I added the hazelnuts. If he wanted any more brownies, they'd be outside my mixer bowl! Haha not really, I would had made another batch.

You put the brownie mixture in the pan, then you add the cream cheese mixture, and then you swirl away!

And here are the brownies just before they hit the oven!! I delivered today and I hope whoever tries them is happy with the result! I know I was ;).
Now that all my non-Christmas orders are done and over with, I'm ready to do some Christmas stuff!! Here is a little preview of what's coming your way :)

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