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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Baking Please!

Let me tell you a little something that you might not know: if you're Greek, you come with a name day! A name day is celebrated on the same date every year. If you have the same name as someone else, they celebrate that day with you. Since each day has a set date, it is easier to know when someone's name day is, rather than remember their birthday. Therefore, people give treats for their name day more than they do on their birthdays. Makes sense so far?

One of the most popular male names here in Cyprus, is Andreas. And the name day for that was yesterday. I had TONS of orders for that!!! I hadn't slept in 4 days! Up baking all night, waking up early to finish up! I delivered my last order yesterday afternoon after work, bought some more supplies (getting ready for Christmas), came home and stayed in my PJs! Made me a cup of hot white chocolate (I have to tell you the recipe for this one day.. it's delicious!) and rested.

NOT REALLY! I kept thinking about Christmas!!! So I sat by the fireplace with my hot chocolate, brought out all my books, and started to pick out the recipes I will bake this year along with which Christmas Cake I should pick.
I have my grocery list ready so I can start, and I'm attempting to do a Gingerbread House from scratch! If it looks good, I'm sharing. If it doesn't...well then we all have to laugh together :) I'm also making gingerbread baubles for my Christmas tree. Those I will share, too.

So get ready for some Christmas Baking!!!
Here are some of the cupcakes I whipped of up St. Andrew's day:

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