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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Catching Up! -Continued: My Unsuccessful Birthday Cake

Hi Everyone!

I hope I didn't bore you yesterday! I just realized that yesterday's post was longer than what I thought 24 hours ago.. and 24 hours ago? I thought it was loooong! *yikes*

So, where was I? Oh yes, meal planning. I love it! Can't wait to get back on it!
Meanwhile, I got sick during the last week of August. I had a terrible, over-a-week-long migraine. It caused me to burn some brownies for the first time EVER, AND pur baking soda instead of powder. The thing was...they were for a customer. So even though I was feeling horrible, I baked the order again! I was too sick to even think of taking a picture of the brownies so we can all laugh about it now. I left them on the table, delivered the brownies, and got home to a further disappointment: my dog, Yellow, ate ALL OF THEM! She didn't even leave the crumbs! This is another something (along with the burning of the brownies) that had never happened before. No matter what, she NEVER grabs anything off of the table. I guess she knew they were going to waste. At least I felt that my brownies weren't THAT bad burnt! (Yellow tends to be picky with her food!) I'm just glad the animal protection unit didn't come to arrest me!

Then my birthday came along. It's on the 27th of August. The same week i was sick. Whoever called to wish me "Happy Birthday" I automatically said "come over for cake tonight." Only thing was, I only prepared 1 cake. A Maltesers Ice Cream Cake. So I whipped up a Carrot Cake, and I had some Peanut Butter Cookies I treated everyone on at work for my birthday, but still felt out of it.
So before serving the birthday cake, which was the Maltesers Cake, I put some chocolate ganache, let it freeze and then added some whipped heavy cream to decorate it with some maltesers. By the time I went from the kitchen to the table on the porch where 12 people were sitting (yeah.. I thought only 4 were going to show) the top layer with the ganache and the candles went flying off! We saved it before it fell on the floor so we could scoop it into peoples' plates.
Needless to say, people prefered the Carrot Cake.
These are the Peanut Butter Cookies I made this year, something I also made last year and people went crazy over.

Coming up soon: The Logo I promised, some lowered calorie stuff, and the Blog's Birthday! Hooray!!

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