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Friday, October 19, 2012

Catching Up! -Cont: Happy Birthday Fairy Cakes.

Hi Everyone!!!

I figured my last 2 posts were long so I waited a couple of days before I posted so you can take a break from reading :)

Today, I am going to tell you a bit about September 2012. It was interesting. In a good way.
First of all, September 3rd, is Fairy Cakes' Birthday!! We turned 1 Year Old! Yeih!!!
In the 1 year I've been baking as Fairy Cakes, I took on more than 170 orders!

(A little birthday Clip Art won't hurt to set up the mood...even if it's been over a month since we celebrated!)
Also, I realized, that the best selling cake for my business is my Carrot Cake. I call it "The BEST Carrot Cake." If you live in Cyprus, you MUST try it! If you don't, then sorry, but how am I going to send it to you? It's a good enough excuse though to visit Cyprus. It's a beautiful island...with a great tasting Carrot Cake ;)
You can see pictures of it at this post: More Cakes Coming Up.
So because of the birthday AND realizing which cake is the top selling one, one thought came to mind: Promote my Hummingbird Cake (for those that don't know, it like a Carrot Cake, really, but instead of carrots, it has bananas). For those who like bananas, it's a very similar cake to the carrot one, with the same frosting. So I posted the following picture on my Facebook Page and asked people to try and GUESS what it is. The ones who guessed right would be in a draw to win a FREE Hummingbird Cake.

Just to help everyone out a bit, I clearly said it wasn't a Carrot Cake. I had a guess of a Walnut Cake (which put me into thinking...hmm... Walnut Cake, I should try to bake one of those), I did have a guess of Carrot Cake, but mostly, people called and asked because they didn't want to be "wrong." I even hinted that it was one of the new entries in my latest menu. I had one right guess, and that's where the cake will go. Yes, WILL go, because the girly who won is a student in England, and I have the same deal as the Carrot Cake. SENDING it is NOT an option! So I will wait until she returns for Christmas so I can bake it for her. She was actually one of the first people who tried my Banana Pudding.
But anyway, the BEST present I have to my Fairy Cakes, is a LOGO!!!!! I was looking around for one for so long, and I was always picky with it. I found this girly, by mistake of course, just browsing on Facebook. She is Purple Scrunch, and she doesn't charge an arm and a leg for doing your logo. I picked something I could build on later. For now, I just wanted something to go on my menu and my stickers and bozes and such.

What do you think? I love it!! Thank you Laura! I especially like the little wings on the cupcake!

I will leave you with my lovely logo for now, and I will tell you about some pirates on my next blog post :)

Thank you for reading, and please, like my page on Facebook. Fairy Cakes

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