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Sunday, September 11, 2011

More cakes coming up!

I knew I had a busy weeked coming up when in about 15 minutes I received 2 orders! I am SUPER happy, and I am VERY tired. BUT I love love LOVE to bake, so it keeps me going!
So first off, I had to bake a Carrot Cake (which is Best Carrot Cake! on my menu...for a reason) and then a Mocha Cream Pie.

I baked the Carrot Cake last night, so it was nice and cool this morning when I frosted it, because the customer wanted it for brunch. Therefore, it already had to be nice and cold to be served (with the hot weather we get here, refrigerating the cake after it's frosted is a MUST).

I always add a nice glaze when the cake is still hot and in the pans, so it becomes very moist. I then leave to cool completely, and start to layer and frost.

MMmmmm it's all dripping with cream cheese frosting!

I like to put a lot of frosting on the top, then frost the sides with what drips off the top, and then finish off with the final touches on the top. This time the cake was so moist, that every time I tried to "correct" the imperfections, a piece of the cake would fall off!! So I left it right there. I told my customer that it doesn't look perfect (it didn't to my eyes, but he knew the taste because he had it before, and he didn't mind the look at all...that doesn't mean I shouldn't try and be professional!). I also told him the reason, and he was even excited to the though of moist cake.

I ended the cake with some sugared carrots - a classic decoration, but this is all I have for the moment in my humble kitchen.

About an hour after the delivery, the customer texted me and said he was thinking of getting remarried with his wife so I can make them the dessert table. Hey, why not? I also suggested to do that for their 2 children ;) It never hurts to get potential customers.

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