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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Erm...hello? Anybody there?

My cousin came at my tasting event. Being a size 24 in jeans (and those look big on her), she didn't eat any food, so she can try the baked goodies I made.

She seemed really excited to try my Banana Pudding.. something she didn't know what it was, and I explained to her: Sliced bananas, Cookies, and the Pudding... what is pudding? Well eggs, milk, sugar, all beaten together in a pan over fire, until it becomes thick. OOOOoooooh!!! Ok I want some of that.

She sat on the table and patiently waited until everyone was done eating and called to the dessert table. 
To everyone's surprise, she ate 2 platefulls of the pudding! I mean...she NEVER eats! Anything! But salads of course. I was shocked! She kept saying how she really REALLY liked it. I thought to myself "at least now we know of something to feed her other than salad veggies."

A couple of mornings after, I woke up and checked my Facebook account, only to find that she kept talking about that pudding to all her friends, and one of them wanted to buy one from me. So I tell my cousin to call me when she wakes up.

And so she did "No no, she really wants it. Could you make one by tonight? She has a dinner to go to and she wanted to take something with her.. so could you?" As I think you should never say no to a customer, I promised my cousin I would make the pudding for her friend.

I got home from work, baked the pudding, and patiently waited for this mystery friend to call me for a pick up or delivery. And waited...and waited...and WAITED! Ok so what's up?
Naturally, I called my cousin...who must've called her friend. But I was still waiting.
Instead of getting angry (like I usually would since I'm hot tempered) I thought I'd sell it to one of my friends. Make a couple of calls and it would be gone.

And after all this waiting, the phone rang. Yeap, the friend wanted to know where she could pick up the "CAKE." ...wait a minute....CAKE???? I maed PUDDING...!!! Well there was a small misunderstanding there, but she was more interested in the "banana" part. I gave her the pudding, gave her 2 of my menus, and asked her to please let me know if it tasted good once it was eaten at the table.

She never called...or texted...or emailed...or Facebooked...but something even better! One of the people at the dinner went crazy over the pudding, so she RECCOMENDED ME instead. When I received a call this morning from a lady saying "I tried your banana pudding and went CRAZY over it.. Can I get one by 5 o' clock?" I felt sooooooooooo gooood! It was the best feeling hearing that from a complete stranger. MY Banana Pudding!!! So it is ready to be delivered in just 1 hour!:)

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