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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cupcake Decorating Class

Yeap! Finally the day came for my cupcake decorating class!! I woke up super early and got ready so I can get there early and check out all the Halloween stuff at my favorite shop, Sprinkles & Sparkles.

I have to admit that I ended up buying some cupcake liners and sprinkles and pearls with Halloween colors so I can do some basic cupcakes. But this year, I also want to try to make some monster/ghost/witch/cat cupcakes!

Aaaanyways, what I ended up learning? Well most things we covered at cake decorating class, only this time we applied it to cupcakes.

Something extra was the frilling on the baby-apron. It looks really cute! I can only imagine applying this on a butterfly's wings! Our teacher also made this pretty hat out of sugar paste.

The flowers on the cupcakes were pretty easy to make. I'd like to try and do polka dot cupcakes, or even mushroom ones, since the Smurfs are back in fashion.

This button though was the cutest thing!!! It is super easy to make (as long as you have the right tools of course) and it looks so chic!

We also learned how to make this little ducky! In a smaller version, it can look really pretty on some light blue sugar paste on the cupcake. As if it's floating on water.

These are the cupcakes I made :) I used flower cutters and I also made a piping bag from paper. I did the marble effect with the sugar paste. I also did the frilling on the green flower. And the white starts are flat on the blue surface. It can also look nice in 3D. :)

This is the button I made, even though it's a bit off centered. So cute :)

And my ducky :) I can't wait to learn how to make other animals, too. A turtle should be cute!

Teacher from:
Zacharotechniki Machi

Sprinkles & Sparkles

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