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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cake Decorating Class

I have to tell you how Cake Decorating went! I went on Monday (I took a half day off of work and drove over an hour to get there, but I still got there excited!)
We learned maaaaany techniques. Some I tried myself, some I didn't.
The easiest thing we learned, was stenciling. You just put it on your sugar paste, spray, paint, or put regal ice, and voia la! You have a great looking design! How much easier can it get??

Then we used patchwork. Now this is much more time consuming. You get pretty results, but it takes time. You use the patchwork cutters, and then you cut each and every detail of the design, and then you can mix and match the colors. For example, we had cupcakes. Each cupcake liner could be cut wherever the actual paper would fold, so you can do more than just one color. Now this is if you are using colored sugar paste. The other option is to paint each and every single piece. You can get these prepared, and simply use them when you have an order. They need to dry, too, so it's best to be prepared ahead of time.
See all those little pieces? Well, each one had another 3-7 pieces more!

This is the result of a big patchwork cupcake:

We also learned how to use moulds, which is also easy once you know the way to get it out. We also learned how to cut little shapes and put them on wires so you can add on a cake. In case someone wants hearts, starts, or even a "happy birthday" sign.

These are my creations. As I said, I tried a few things, but I learned a LOT!

The red-and-white cupcakes are with patchwork cutters. The cake, tea cup and cupcake are with moulds. The little flowers are with cutters. I also applied one on wire.

The classes took place at Sprinkles and Sparkles
The teacher is from Zacharotechniki Machi

Next Monday, Cupcake Decorating Class!

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