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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tired Yet?

I was on a total of 4 days in the kitchen, plus my full time job. Tired yet?

Well, I promised one of my uncles I was going to take him some baked goods to try. See, I believe in the "I try, then I buy" practice. I don't usually shop off the internet things that need to be tried on first. I buy books for example, but not clothes. So I tell everyone I will take them some taste samples to try my baking, and then if they like what they eat, they can place an order. Sounds fair to me.

I came home on my lunch break, ate a little something for lunch, and then I sat down for a minute so I can catch my breath and head off to my uncle's office to take him taste samples...only to open my eyes and find out I was running late to work! I guess all this work finally got to me...and it'd been only 4 days!!! I texted my uncle and apologized...I felt really bad but he understood. Went to work, and baked absolutely nothing for a whole day. I went to sleep immediately as I got into bed, only to wake up the next morning and find an order on my Facebook account...

My FB Account

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