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Monday, September 12, 2011

Banana Pudding once more

After delivering the mouthwatering Carrot Cake yesterday, I had to rush back in to the kitchen and finish the Mocha Cream Pie I was baking for one of my co-workers. She was having guest home for lunch and  wanted something as dessert. She said "light and summery." The Mocha Cream Pie was a must!

I like to serve this dessert in a clear container, because it has 3 colored-layers: the Oreo Crust, the Mocha Filling, and the Heavy Cream on top. She offered to bring me her own oven-proof dish (which is more economical to me) so when she brought be an orange dish, I didn't mind at all. Plus, I love colors!

As I said, first, there is the Oreo crust.

Then you add the Mocha Cream on top.

Beat the heave cream with some sugar to make it slightly sweet (not too much sugar)

And finally, decorate with chocolate shavings. I Personally grate the chocolate, because I haven't yet accomplished to shave those beautiful curls you find at the confectionaries.

Order: Delivered
Customer: Super Happy! She even called to say that she wants a version of this with just Oreos!

Once I completed this (and rested for a little while...had a shower...lunch, you know the drill), I knew I had to bake some Butter Cookies for my Cake Decorating class. But first, I wanted to sit and have a nice glass of Iced Coffee with a friend. So I called her and she said she'd be on the way. I explained to her I was making the dough for the cookies, we'd have the coffee, and I'd complete the cookies after she left.
5 minutes after our conversation she calls and says: So, how soon can you have a Banana Pudding ready for me? I laughed. I knew she liked it, and she said everytime she visits someone, she'll take one with her so she can advertise me. I told her by the time she got there, I'd have in in the oven.

My 3rd order of the day was completed while I was taking a coffee break. Not a bad way at all :)
Once my friend left, I baked those cookies. It was really humid yesterday and they kept sticking to the table. Frustrating! I added flour on the surface, but the humidity was too much. The more flour I added, the more my dough got hard. So I said to myself "Instead of making them window cookies that need attention to detail, I'll just make them sandwich cookies for now." And so I did.

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