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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My first order-My first anxiety experience!

Ok so I received a call from my aunt saying "Hey! I heard you are going home-based baker? Well it's my birthday in a few days. Can I place an order?" ( should NEVER tell a customer no-ok...only in extreme cases) so I immediately said "Sure! Let me email you my pricelist."
This particular aunt was always first in supporting me with different things, even though I made mistakes many times. So she said she wanted 3 of my baked goods. Ok, no problem. Or is there? See, I planned a tasting event at my house the day before the delivery..but it got and moved on the SAME DAY as the delivery. Yikes! I was already making 5 more things for my event in more than just 1 batch each (which meant some decorating).

So at some point I started stressing out. Everything I tasted, had the same taste (well after tasting so many things, they all tasted like nothing!). Will she like the taste? Will she like the look? What about my boxes? Are they good enough? Will I have enough time to make everything pretty for the party?
Needless to say, everything turned out just great. My aunt loved everything (she tried my baking before, so she new that at least the TASTE would be good). And she also gave me my first tip ;)
I was ready about 2 hours before the party even begun. Everyone loved everything at the party...and my Banana Pudding made a HIT that evening! (I thought it would be the Carrot Cake but nope!)

This is everything boxed up for my aunt. Delivered on the 4th of September-my aunt's birthday. And vanished by now. She even said that my uncle didn't want her to treat everyone that visited her so he can have more ;) The greatest compliment for me. Thank you my family for the support :)

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