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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So now what?

Ok well my first order was completed successfully, and so was my event. Everyone loved everything blah Now what? Do I sit and wait for someone to call? I already handed out my pricelist...and I'm actually breaking even on some of the desserts, but oh well. I love baking, so I don't mind much...yet ;)

But it all started to happen on its own. I had a call bright and early for an order of a cake. I had to bake a Red Velvet Cake, frost it, and write on it "Happy Birthday." I;ve NEVER written on a cake before...what do I do? FREAK OUT! Ok...relax. It's time to breathe sloooowly and take it one step at a time.

Shopping List: The only thing missing is the red food coloring. Ok the grocery store has some. No? Ok ok let's go to the next one? Nope! Not here either...ok now it's really time to freak out!!

Meanwhile, I have to say that I still have my full time job as a store manager (and I work overtime EVERY DAY). So...I had to find the red food coloring while I was on my lunch break, bake the cake...wait for it to cool so I can frost it, AND write on it! YIKES!

My supply store was too far for me to go get the coloring so finally I thought of a place that sells cake boxes, called and voia la! They had it! So I drove there, bought a plastic box for the cake, too and drove crazy fast home to complete my mission. Less than 2 hours left on the clock.

The cake was still warm when I started to frost it so the frosting was dripping, but it was ok. I added parchment paper strips under the cake so I can pull them out and have a clean round cake!

10 minutes left for me to have to be at work! Ok ok fast solution: add a small round tip in a ziplock baggie, add red food coloring in the cream cheese frosting that is left over, and keep a steady hand to write.

Boxed the cake, took some pictures and left to work, getting there only 5 minutes late! (My job is about 7 minutes from my house without any traffic, on my Vespa. By car I would've been at least 20 minutes late!)

Second order: COMPLETE!
Comment: Everyone LOVED the Red Velvet Cake. Phew!

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