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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Addicted to Pinterest

Apart from baking and baking and baking (ok and going to my full time job and keeping up with social life and eating and sleeping), I came accross Pinterest! I was googling for pictures, and one of them was on Pinterest. So when I opened it, I saw that there were many beautiful pictures on there. I needed to get one, too! You can't just sign up, you have to request an invite. I thought: What have I got to lose? And I did, and I got in!! So yesterday morning I woke up and set up my new account.

What you do is pick a subject for example, and then create "boards" of things that relate to your theme. You can be browsing on the web, and then all of a sudden a picture pops up that you like and you pin it on the borad! It always gives credit to the author, so that way someone else who repins YOUR picture on THEIR board, can still know where you got it from.

Of course, after I was done with creating my account, I checked my email, and my friend Karina (who now lives in Miami, FL) "I'm not sure this link will work out there, but I'm think you're going to like this thing called 'Pinterest'" !!!! Great minds think alike! I kid you not! Thank you my person! It was a great idea :!)
So I started a "Pretty in Pink" board with pink edible things, and a "Season of Joy" board for all the things Christmassy that you can eat :)

Check it out, it's addictive!: Joy's Pinterest

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