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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Making of: Witch Cupcake - Abstract

I thought to myself...I posted the pictures of the finished product. I also posted the pictures of my drawings...but that was long time ago. So I figured it would be nice if I posted them side by side with a few pictures before the product was finished, so you can see the process I went through :)

First off, my ultimate favorite (I know, I shouldn't favor one of my designs more than the other....) Ok ok I love you all the same!!! I just feel a pull towards the Witch Cupcake.

Hat Idea:
The base was going to be an Oreo cookie (which it was). Now for the top of the hat, I had designed a version with a Hershey's Kiss and a version with a dollop of Chocolate Frosting. Why? Well....I prefer the's easier and saves time, too, but we don't have Hershey's out here in Cyprus, AT ALL!! I was lucky because my friend sent me a few packages of Hershey's Kisses from California, so I had them on hand. I also used Royal Icing in a thick consistency for the Orange Ribbon on the hat.

I never thought they would turn out to be even better looking than the drawing! This was actually a hat alternative. The first idea was for a chocolate ice cream cone, but I thought it'd be way too high.

The Witch:

The reason I took this picture, is because I think I finally have down how to do the swirling effect with the piping bag. (Yes, I'm proud of takes practice!) I had to make sure the frosting was sturdy, so that the hat didn't fall off. I didn't make it any denser though, because then it would taste like icing sugar instead of Nutella. I just added extra swirls on the base of the cupcake to keep the top up. The reason why I chose Nutella was because the other cupcakes didn't have frosting. And Nutella is a big hit out here, so I knew everyone would love it. I used a Nutella Frosting on these with some food coloring to turn it green like my sketch.

Very similar right? I'm sooo proud of the design. I knew I would do something that looked like the drawing, but I never thought I'd be so close!

The reason for the "abstract" is because I had another Witch Cupcake that wasn't voted on the top 10, which had eyes (with the chocolate cone I mentioned earlier). This one was more literal that it was supposed to be a witch, so when I came up with the second one, I thought it was more abstract.

Both are cute, but as I said, the abstract one was my favorite one from all my designs for Halloween :)

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