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Monday, October 24, 2011

And the winner is....

Finally, the voting is over! I can say I'm going to start planning what to bake when, but I already did the scedule yesterday! Let me tell you, there will be NO REST and NO SLEEP for this week for me! Why? Because I also work full time! But I will manage!

So here are the top 10, voted by the Facebook group Fairy Cakes. (drum roll pleaseee)
1. Has many votes over the rest: Mummy Cupcake

Witch's Punch with Eyeballllllls!!! I'm pretty sure people voted this to see if I can do it, not to buy!

3. Spiderwebs Cake

4. Owl Cupcake

5. Witch Cupcake - Abstract

6. Ghost Cake Pop

7. Cat Cookie

8. Spider Cookie

9. Wacky Jack-o-Lantern Cucpakes

10. Apple Cupcake

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