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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bats and Owls

Today I have 2 images related to Halloween that I think link to each other. As the title implies, the first one is bats, and the second one, owls.

Since bats were only seen at night, they were once considered the souls of sleeping individuals. That's why I guess we also relate them to vampires, they only come out at night. Many bat species dwell in caves therefore people considered them to have something to do with the Underworld and death.
In my post Trick or Treat I have noted that Halloween was thought as the beginning of the cruel winter, which was associated with death. So it is logical that an animal related to be of the Underworld also be related with Halloween.

It looks too spooky, but I'm pretty sure it will be delicious, if voted. I have this recipe for Rum Chocolate Balls that I've made in the past, and always thought that it would taste better with either brandy or cognac instead of rum. So I thought I'd do just that in this case. Dip the chocolate ball in black sprinkles and then make the Chocolate wings. Those will be tricky, but I think I came up with a way. Red eyes, and I thought a little red on the wings, too.

Bat Cookies
Dark Chocolate Cookies so I can get that dark brown color, with white royal icing. I have 2 bat cookie cutters so I can make them in reverse. The big one with the outline of icing and the small one with the filling of the icing.

Just like bats, most owls move around at night. If you've heard an owl, you can imagine what you would feel like listening to that sound in the night, especially for those that didn't know what it was, or how big it was. Many thought it was the sound of a demon or a lost soul. And even if someone did see the owl, that instantaneous twist of the head they do can be scary with those big eyes! I remember when I saw an owl do that to me in the London zoo many years ago, I announced that owls are the Gods of the Birds! I was only 5 :)

Owl Sandwich Pop
Two Chocolate Cookies, smooshing together a marshmallow filling. A stick to make it a lollipop and some sugared details to make the face.

Owl Cupcake
I thought that I would make some big versions of this and some mini ones. Like the mother and the baby. They'll look so cute! Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate frosting and sugar details.

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