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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where did Halloween come from? Part 2

As I promised, today I am posting all the things I came up with for Candy Corn.
Candy Corn Chocolate Cake
This will be a Chocolate Cake with  Frosting in 3 colors: The original (white), Yellow and Orange.

Candy Corn Chocolate Cookie
This is a chocolate cookie, and I'm debating if I should use royal icing to cover it, ot sugar paste. Maybe add some sparkles to it ? If this one gets voted, I'll ask what everyone wants.

Candy Corn Meringue
This will be a Double Vanilla Bean Meringue in the original color (white), Yellow and Orange. I think that I'll have to use 3 piping bags for this and do each meringue, 1 by 1. We'll see.

Candy Corn Truffles
I would love to make these. One of those "looks so simple, tastes delicious." Or at least I think so :) Dark Chocolate with Orange (I love the combo) with a Candy Corn on top. The thing is, in Cyprus where I live, we don't have candy corn. So I either have to make it with a recipe I have, or pretend it with some sugar paste.

Candy Corn Ghost
This I took from the SugarBaby. She posted this on the post of her book, and the acrual recipe for the candy corn is in the book. Inside hides a chocolate cupcake. BOO! I think people will vote for this one since it has a wow factor to it (even though my drawing doesn't do it justice!)

Next set of drawings: Tuesday, Oct 4th.

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