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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In all cultures there is something perceived as bad luck. Each one of these ideas is based on something that came from the past. During Halloween of past years, a holiday filled with mystery and magic, many supersitions came to life.

I think that this is the most famous one. We avoid crossing paths with a black cat, thinking that if we do, they'll bring us bad luck. This is the original superstition. Others say seeing a black cat in the morning is bad luck. Each culture modifies superstitions to their measures.
This particular one came from believing that witches, to avoid being detected, would turn into black cats to roam the town and it originated in the Middle Ages.

Black Cat Cookie
Sugar cookie with Orange Buttercream and a black stenciled cat. I thought I'd add sprinkles around the cat.

Cat Cupcake
This isn't a black cat, but I figured a chocolate cat would be more delicious to eat ;)

Other supersitions include not walking under ladders. Even though this originated from ancient Egypt, where it was believed that triangles were sacred, we all know it is also unsafe to walk under ladders.
We also avoid breaking mirrors (the famous 7 years of bad luck), stepping on cracks on the road or spilling salt.

A famous Halloween tradition was to help young women identify their future husband and reassure them that they would someday be married.

The most famous version of this, even though not used for the same reason today, is Apple Bobbing. The first successful apple-bobber would be the first down the isle.
Today we use apple-bobbing as a game, where we fill a barrel or bowl with water, and try to catch the apples with our mouth.

Apple-Bobbing Punch
So I saw this a couple of years back, and thought it was a fun idea to play off of. An apple based drink. There is a variety of apples that comes very small. I figured I would peel them and put them in sugar syrup to make them sweet and use them as decoration in the punch.
Another apple version was to toss apples peels over your shoulder, hoping that they would fall in the form of your future husband's initial.

Some more ways of trying to find your future husband included hazelnuts.
A lady would name a hazelnut after each of her suitors and then throw it in the fireplace. The nut that burned to ashes instead of popping, would be the girl's future husband. In some areas, the opposite was true: if the nut burned rather than popped, it meant that the true love would not last.
Another one was making a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts and nutmeg, and a young woman would eat it before bed to dream of her future husband.

Facts taken from here.

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