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Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, I couldn't find much on the reason why we see spiders during Halloween, but what I could come up with was that during the fall and winter seasons, spiders can be found in dark corners.
But either way, I found some designs for me to use for my Bake Sale.

Spiderweb Cupcake
Even though this is a very simple design, I really like it. I guess less is more :) There's a chocolate cupcake hiding under there.

Spider Cookie
This I saw on Bakerella. I'm using my own recipe of Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate frosting and I'm just decorating like her. Only I can't find any Trix out here which was her suggestion, so I'm probably using an m & m or a dollop of frosting.

Spider Bites
This I also found on Bakerella. Brownie bits in chocolate candy melt. Candy eyes and licorice legs.

Hairy Spider Cookie
I just bought this spider cookie cutter from my ultimate favorite shop, Sprinkles and Sparkles. I saw on one of the blogs I'm following the "hairy" part for the spider. I added the other elements according to what I have at home :)

Spiderwebs Cake
I found this one at a cooking site. It's a Spice Cake with Frosting. I might use the decorating idea and use my own spice cake recipe.

I was supposed to post this tomottow, but I have to go to work super early in the morning and I won't have time. So it is a half day early but it's betther than late. I have 2 more entries left after this, but I'm stull debating if I'll keep it as 2 or 1 big one. I'm not even halfway done with the designs on those, but because they give me more of a freedom, I have tons... troubling :)
Oh well, enjoy the itsy bitsy spiders and then I'll see how it goes :)

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