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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bake Sale Flyer!

So...I'm not very good with all these computer graphics programs or whatnot so it took me a very short time to picture what I wanted as a flyer, and a very long time to accomplish it!!!

See, after following many many blogs, (ok not too many, like 50 of them) I realized how much I love organizing and planning my parties :) (or any parties but for the moment, my Bake Sale). I spent tons of hours reading blogs on Halloween projects and looking at pictures for inspiration. I saw this particular free "Boo" sign from Anders Ruff and saved it. Then I thought...what a nice sign to use as a Bake Sale Flyer! I adjusted it just a tad ( was were all the graphics stuff started to kick in) and then after loooong hours of trying to print it out in the right size, shape, color and such, I finally got it! I did a set of 2 on each piece of paper... and then ...they weren't centered! HA! So what to do now? I thought to myself "Chara, you must print them, copy them at a copy center, and then cut them yourself. No, you don't have that fancy cutter machine they had at the Design building at Long Beach State, but you have a ruler, an x-acto knife and some DO IT!"

I got to the copy place (not really a copy center..more like a kiosk with a copier) and told the lady I wanted some was so funny! She looked at my flyer and said "You want me to cut these? I can make them look nice." She had one of those fancy cutting things! Oh what a JOY! So she cut my flyers into the perfect rectangle and now they are all the same size and shape and all!!!

Here it is :)

I downloaded some free Halloween fonts, too (there's 2 on here.. but honestly, I downloaded so much stuff that had no reference of where it was from, that now even if I wanted to download it again, I have no idea where to get it!). I posted the event on facebook and invited everyone in my group. Now hopefully, I'll get a good turnout :)

Join me for my Spooktacular Halloween Bake Sale! Muahhahahhahha!!!!!

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